Terre À Terre Scented Candle

Gorgeous scented candle Terre À Terre - earth to earth - from Maître Tseng X Trudon reflects the stage water mixes with soil and creates the feel to be one with the earth in a luxurious way. Woody notes with the freshness of vetiver, cashmere wood and patchouli are combined with undergrowth notes. This fragrance and its Chinese name refer to a rich and fertile land for a good life. Enrich your senses and your home. 'The journey of water' showcases the flow of water from the sky, enriched by elements of the earth and forms the inspiration for three candles – that represent three stages of the journey of water. The candles from Trudon are developed in collaboration with Maître Tseng and celebrate the world of tea and its five thousand years history. Maître Tseng is a descendant of the first disciple of Confucius and represents both tradition and modernity in tea.
How to use: For optimum candle life, burn the candle for at least two hours upon first use; the top layer of the wax must be completely liquid. By keeping the wick short, the candle burns up more slowly.