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Body type A-line Round

The A-line Round has wider hips than shoulders. This body type is characterized by round shapes. A woman with a pear-shaped silhouette often has a longer upper body, a defined waist and round hips and thighs.


  • Wider hips than shoulders

  • Small to medium breasts

  • Longer torso

  • Beautiful slim waist

  • Flatter or slightly rounded buttocks

  • Wide, round hips


  • Light colored tops

  • Focus on the upper body

  • Puffed sleeves

  • Round neck or boat neck

  • Focus on the beautiful waist

  • Round shoulder pads, epaulets

  • Cropped jackets or jackets that hit below the hips

  • Straight-cut skirts

  • Maxi-skirts

  • Dresses with an A-line silhouette

  • Pants and skirts with a high-rise design

  • Straight-cut pants or bootcut pants

  • Stretchy pants


  • Fitted tops

  • Low-rise pants

  • Coats with pockets at hip height

  • Coats with pockets at hip height

  • Cropped pants

  • Harem pants


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Choose round lines in your clothing and accessories to match your body type. Shoes with a rounded nose match your figure best.


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