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Body type 8-line

The hourglass body is often seen as the ideal silhouette: the hips and shoulders are perfectly in balance and this shape shows a super feminine waist. The body is well proportioned with soft and round lines. This body type often has beautiful legs, round breasts and a defined waist.


  • Shoulders and hips proportioned

  • Slim waist, harmoniously in the middle

  • Full breasts

  • Round hips

  • Beautiful, shapely legs

  • Short to medium height


  • Smoothe, round silhouettes

  • Focus on the waist

  • Fitted tops

  • Spaghetti strap tops

  • Corset-style tops

  • Round necklines

  • Fitted dresses

  • Wrap Dresses

  • Pencil skirts, wrap skirts, flared skirts

  • Supple, feminine pants

  • Bootcut, flared and tapered pants

  • Tailored blazers and coats with a defined waist


  • Stripes, checks and geometric patterns

  • Garments with a straight-cut fit

  • Straight-cut pants


The 8-line styles


Balance out the shoulders and the hips by emphasizing the shoulders. Or accentuate the upper part of the body with bright colors or statement details.


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