Strengthening Hair Cleanse Concentrate Shampoo

Shampoo with the focus on a rejuvenating, strengthening and cleansing effect - discover natureofthings Hair Cleanse Concentrate shampoo. This daily formula removes excess oil, dirt and debris from the scalp and strands and maintains the natural balance at the same time. Developed with among others kukui nut, sapote and Swiss apple stem cells that create a potent formula with bioactive plants, minerals and aqueous ingredients. For clean hair, follicle rejuvenation and to promote hair growth.

Key ingredients:
- Aloe vera extract for moisturizing, soothing and healing benefits.
- Ginger root extract for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial and antioxidant benefits.
- Swiss apple stem cells for anti-aging, rejuvenating and protective benefits.
- Hibiscus extract for moisturizing, exfoliating and firming benefits.
Color250 ml