Reparative Facial Moisturizer

Get ready for a skincare power-up with natureofthings' Reparative Facial Moisturizer. Infused with potent bioactive oils, this unique, lightweight formula hydrates and repairs, diving deep into the skin layers to tackle environmental damage and inflammation on a cellular level. Nourishing from the inside out, your skin will look visibly firmer, plumper, and brighter. Plus, it's travel-friendly with its compact size - perfect for on-the-go glow!

Key ingredients:
Squalane: prevents moisture loss and restores the skin's suppleness and flexibility – sourced from sugarcane.
Tremella Mushroom: also known as snow mushroom. Often compared to hyaluronic acid for its ability to attract and retain moisture, improving skin hydration, increasing elasticity, and providing a fuller appearance.
Black Currant Seed Oil: derived from black currant fruit, this oil is rich in fatty acids that penetrate the skin’s surface to deliver a rush of nourishment, while improving water retention to increase overall hydration.
Shea Butter: considered a skin superfood, rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, known for its ability to nourish and soften even the driest and most irritated skin.

How to use:
Dab a pearl-sized amount into the palm of your hands. Apply onto the face and neck using upward strokes until the product is completely absorbed. Use in the morning and evening.
ColorTravel | 30 ml