Rejuvenating Overnight Facial Mask

Awake to a complexion more vibrant, healthy and radiant than the night before with this Rejuvenating Overnight Facial Mask from natureofthings. Powerful antioxidants like ubiquinone and alfalfa extract stimulate the production of collagen and elastin while diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Pineapple extract sloughs off dead skin cells, enabling vitamin C-rich kakadu plum and citrus unshiu peel to brighten and firm. Tremella mushroom delivers a rush of lasting hydration. The soothing, lightweight formula absorbs quickly to avoid a messy pillow.

Key ingredients:
Tremella Mushroom Extract: known for its ability to pull in and retain moisture, boosting skin’s hydration, improving its elasticity and giving it a plump, dewy appearance. Its small molecular structure enables it to penetrate deeply into the surface of the epidermis for lasting effects.
Gotu Kola: a member of the parsley family that strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, alleviates dryness and is thought to expedite wound healing.
Lemon Peel Extract: this essential oil is known as a terpene-rich powerful antimicrobial with an invigorating citrus scent.
Amyris Essential Oil: applied topically, it has anti-aging properties, working to restore the skin’s elasticity and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

How to use: Apply a suitable amount onto hands and massage onto face and neck until fully absorbed. There is no need to wash off the mask prior to sleep.