Nourishing Travel Body Cream

Your ticket to smooth looking skin! Created to hydrate and reinvigorate, the Nourishing Body Cream in travel size by natureofthings banishes dryness and dullness to leave skin soft and supple with renewed elasticity. This indulgent, moisture-rich formula is powered by shea butter and botanical oils including jojoba, grape seed and plant-derived squalane. Black pepper and the powerful-acting terpene beta caryophyllene target inflammation and help calm irritation. The scent? A clean, citrusy scent with a subtle undercurrent of jasmine.

Key ingredients:
- Squalane: a natural emollient, it works to prevent moisture loss while restoring the skin's suppleness and flexibility.
- Shea Butter: regarded as a skin superfood that is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, it's known for its ability to nourish and soften even the driest, most irritated skin.
- Jasmine Flower Oil: it works as both a powerful antibacterial (fighting acne and infections) and emollient (soothing dry skin associated with chronic issues like eczema and psoriasis).
- Capryhydroxamic Acid: an amino acid derived from coconut oil. It works as a preservative and antifungal agent.
ColorTravel | 30 ml