Discovery Set Including Ode to Dullness

Not yet familiar with the unique scents of Juliette has a gun? With the Discovery Set, you embark on a sensory journey to discover which perfume empowers you the most. From the idea that perfume is more than just a 'nice scent,' but truly a tool to emphasize your unique personality, all fragrances are developed to make you feel proud of your femininity. Be inspired by the exclusive scent notes: from dark and mysterious to musky and soft, from fruity to fresh.

A molecular perfume (Cetalox) with a woody, musky finesse. The complex structure enhances your own sensuality and develops differently on everyone.

A musky, floral perfume with a surprising balance of star anise combined with the enveloping sensuality of sandalwood and cashmere flower.

The scent opens with fresh notes of bergamot, followed by magnolia and enclosed by the characteristic ambroxan.

A refreshing and unique perfume built around a fruit, with fruity musk and warm ambroxan.

Inspired by the Burning Man festival, this adventurous perfume is based on sweet vanilla tones, balanced with sea salt.

A hypnotizing scent with a twist of ginger, a touch of lime, spicy apple, and sparkling notes.

A mysterious fragrance consisting of vanilla and neroli accords that delight the senses and evoke pleasure.

A dreamy and nostalgic scent based on notes of jasmine, cotton flower, and white musk.