Wild Lemongrass & Nettle Universal Cleaner

This universal cleaner from HUMDAKIN removes impurities from all surfaces that can tolerate water. The cleanser is enriched with natural extracts of lemongrass and nettle for a gentle cleaning experience with a delicate, clean scent. Moreover, the formula is also ideal for cleaning your floor. The universal cleaner is packaged in a stylish, luxurious bottle that can certainly be seen in your interior.

The pH neutral formula is without any harsh chemicals. Free from parabens, dyes, essential oils and chemical perfumes, this product contains allergy-friendly perfume and mild preservatives. Dermatologically tested.

Main ingredients: Lemongrass has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are perfect for sensitive skin. It contains vitamin A, B, C and minerals like magnesium and zinc. Nettle contains vitamins, minerals, fats and amino acids that help to fight free radicals and keep your skin young.

How to use: This product is a concentrate. Recommend dosage: add 30ml (two tablespoons) of the universal cleaner to five liters of warm water. Use a clean, damp cloth after wiping off to avoid streaks. Do not mix different cleaning products.