Soleil des Vignes Olie Elixer 100ml


Caudalie's Soleil des Vignes Oil Elixir is a nourishing oil enriched with argan, prickly pear, shea, grape seed and almond that improves skin elasticity and makes your complexion glow. The scent of coconut, orange blossom and jasmine immediately reminds you of summer, but can be used all year round as extra care for the body skin.

Multifunctional body oil that improves skin elasticity, makes the skin glow, reduces stretch marks. Suitable for all skin types. 95% natural ingredients. Dermatologically tested. Does not stick and does not feel greasy. Vegan product.

Main Ingredients:
Argan oil: nourishes the skin for a radiant glow.
Grape seed oil: anti-oxidizing and nourishing effect.
Shea butter: nourishes and restores the skin.

How to use:
Apply to the skin as needed, spread and let it absorb well. Use at any time of the day to care for the skin, dry spots or stretch marks.

Color100 ml