Ultimate Shoe Care Kit

This complete shoe care kit from Attirecare contains everything to offer a solution in every situation; from protection, to cleaning and deodorizing your shoes - with accompanying tools. This selection from the luxury shoe care line of the eco-friendly brand ensures an 'as good as new' result.

This set contains: Cleaning solution: a unique, plant-based cleaning solution for shoes. Stains and dirt are removed by soft foam. Protector: an invisible, odorless formula with a handy trigger sprayer to protect your shoes against dirt and stains. Shoe deodoriser: a high-quality shoe deodorizer with the refreshing scent - inspired by the Tuscan countryside and derived from natural oils. The unique formula counteracts odors while killing bacteria. Cotton cloth: to wipe excess from the area being cleaned. Luxurious shoe brush: a brush with wooden handle to polish your shoes. 'How-to' card: with clear instructions on how to use the products. Cotton dust bag: to store or take your products with you.

Benefits: All products are safe to use on all materials, including; leather, vinyl, fabric, suede, canvas, nubuck and more. Free from aggressive chemicals and harmful ingredients. Eco-friendly and biodegradable. The shoe deodoriser comes in a sustainable glass bottle.
Color250 ml